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About Halah Bakes

I love trying out new recipes. I often (but, not always) modify recipes to make them healthier (but, still tasty!).  Many times this means my recipes are vegan, have less oil, and/or less sugar.

This blog only has recipes of my successful creations (where I feel like no modifications are needed). If you check out my Instagram, you will find that I test out quite a few recipes that are not featured on this blog. The main reason why a recipe is not on my blog yet: I am still perfecting the recipe so that when you try out one of my recipes, you know it will be a success!

Feel free to try out my recipes and tag #halahbakes!

***Other Bloggers***
You are always free to use my recipes, but I do request that you reword my recipes in your own words and link back to my website or to my Instagram. Please do not reuse my photos without my permission.

**Contact Email***
halahbakes (at) gmail (dot) com